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    Windows 10 issues


      I've been having nothing but trouble with trying to get Windows 10 clients to update properly. We recently started using Windows 10 in our company and I have a few clients that report and update successfully. I have more that don't. They show up in PM as contacting, but either no date of reporting or a older date. (see sceenshot).

      Our Wsus server is server2012 r2. I can't seem to get any consistent results. Any advice/suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I'm not sure if it's a windows 10 version issue or what.


      Thanks in advance.

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          Which view is this from?  Do you have any error messages that you're seeing?


          If this is from the All Computers view under your WSUS server (or another computer group) then this is the contact date from the client machine talking to the WSUS server.


          If you haven't seen an error message so far, you may want to identify one of these machines and click "Check for Updates" to see what happens.  Success will show updated information in the console typically, but if you get an error message that can help narrow down if something is misconfigured or needs repaired.

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              Sorry I left off the column headings. Yes that is a view from my all computers group the first date column is Last Contact the second date column is Last reported. When you say click "Check For Updates" do you mean from the client machine? I've done that and still don't see a change in the last reported date in the console. I'll try it again and see if there's any errors.