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    Create custom SWQL query to generate alerts


      Hi Wonderful people at Solarwinds,


      I've been working to get Solarwinds to display a page(using a summary view) with multiple resources(or section) wherein each resource shows alerts for certain types of nodes viz. Switches, routers, servers, workstations etc. Since the nature of these devices differ, the alerts do too. What I've been unable to get done is be able to create a custom SWQL query to create alerts based on certain device types(which are again differentiated from each other using a custom property tag) and then put these alerts in their respective resources on that custom view.

      The idea is to segregate alerts and not have a single pane of glass alerting for all device type, which is the default 'Active Alerts' service.
      Is this possible to achieve? I can do with whatever help I can get.

      Thank you.