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    SQL Query on an Email Alert


      Dear Folks,


      I have been trying to create an alert for High DHCP Scope Utilization with an Email Notification. In the Email i am unable to put the DHCP Server details if running on the DHCP Scopes. Hence, i have added an sql query to run over it. I put the query as below which i received from Thwack:


      ${SQL: select distinct a.FriendlyName from [IPAM_DHCPServerReportView] a inner Join [IPAM_DhcpScopeReportView] b on b.ParentID= a.groupid and b.groupid = ${N=SwisEntity;M=NodeScope.GroupId}}


      But i am getting Macro SQL Error stating that No Obejct Reference.


      I am able to get the value of the ${N=SwisEntity;M=NodeScope.GroupId} separately on the screen. Also if i put a value for it on the SQL i am getting correct answer in alert.


      As each time we need to get info based on each DHCP Scope, we need to work such a query.


      If anyone has any similar solution, it will be highly appreciable.



        • Re: SQL Query on an Email Alert

          Try duplicating the alert definition and saving it as a new alert definition. I did this and found that the SQL macros in the new alert (the duplicate) execute correctly. Don't try simulating the alert - the error still shows up there. It should be correct when the alert runs, though.


          Please let me know if this works for you.