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    How long does a port have to be down before UDT reports it as "available" or "unavailable"?


      I bought UDT to help me learn more about my switches, including how many ports are available to use, versus how many are not available (already in use).


      Condition:  UDT reports a switch as having zero available reports.

      Problem:  When I SSH into that switch and issue the command "show int status | in not", I see five or ten ports "notconnected."  That means they're available to be used.

      Double-check:  I build a custom report to show which ports have no link, and how long they've been without link (see my instructions for this here:  How to create a report displaying the Last Time Data was Transmitted or Received on a Switch Port ).  The report confirms what the SSH command shows--that some ports have been down (available) twenty days.


      So where is UDT failing to report the available ports?


      Is there some threshold in UDT that says to call a port "unavailable" until it has been down at least X number of days?


      UDT appears to be discovering/monitoring all the ports in the switch.


      Where have I gone wrong installing or configuring UDT?