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    IPAM not Receiving Requested Features


      Having been a user of IPAM for about 4 months now, I must say it seems like features being requested several years ago still aren't in the product, and it's becoming increasingly useless to our organization. We fought for weeks over only being able to search for addresses and not subnets and ultimately had to re-organize our 400+ networks to work around this lack of seemingly simple functionality.


      Now, I just went to import out last group of subnets and am getting an error that it overlaps - I saw a post of 2010 where someone promised this was coming soon. Did someone really develop an IPAM that can't even handle overlapping subnets? We're continuing to find shortcomings with IPAM and are beginning to regret the purchase. With this latest issue of not being able to add overlapping the networks the product is essentially useless to us.


      Looking back it seems like almost none of the requested, and then promised to be included, features ever seem to actually make it into the product which makes me wonder if SolarWinds even pays much attention to this product at all.