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    Witch systems are out-of-the-box compatible with Solarwinds




      We are planning to buy new devices for our network, one of the criterion is the out-of-the-box compatibility with Solarwinds.

      Does anyone know if the devices below are out-of-the-box compatible for NPM,NCM and NTA ?


      Cisco : ASR907 and ASR9K

      Juniper : MX480

      Nokia : 7750R-a and 7750SR1

      Coriant : 8665



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          Depends on what features and modules you intend to use.  Any device with standard SNMP support is "compatible" with solarwinds in a general sense.  The most common issue for less common devices is that the out of the box hardware health monitoring might not be set up to poll the OID's used by your device, this is the current list used by NPM.

          Hardware health OIDS - SolarWinds Worldwide, LLC. Help and Support


          As far as monitoring interfaces goes Junipers get a little weird with how they do their physical/logical interfaces, so you normally need to add the physical interface to NPM to see stats like bandwidth utilization, but for UDT you need to add logical interfaces to get info on connected MAC addresses and such (except on 4300's as those apparently use different hardware internally and seem to report both sets of stats on the physical interface)


          Never seen the Nokia or Coriant stuff in the wild so I can't speak to any oddball behaviors they might have.

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            Hi jvanderbeken


            Sound like  you work for ISP

            I have some Nokia : SAR you can  get  NPM/NCM  to work regarding SNMP interface mib2  and  NCM Backup.

            You will need to use some UnDP for PSU/FAN.. (not OOB) or use  traps



            Juniper MX has "ok" support

            need that UnDP (red &yellow) to get more from the OOB


            jnxRedAlarmState (OID:

            jnxYellowAlarmState (OID:


            Coriant : 8665


            Never use


            NTA is not flow tool to ISP.