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    Netflow cisco 3850 12xs


      I used flexible netflow, but get an error.


      (So this tells me it works with this version which is good so far)


      ICC-3850-12XS#show flow exporter NTAexport

      Flow Exporter NTAexport:

        Description:              User defined

        Export protocol:          NetFlow Version 9

        Transport Configuration:

          Destination IP address:

          Source IP address:     

          Source Interface:       TenGigabitEthernet1/0/12

          Transport Protocol:     UDP

          Destination Port:       2055

          Source Port:            59902

          DSCP:                   0x0

          TTL:                    255

          Output Features:        Used



      This is the error I get on all ports and vlans


      I looked through the cisco datasheets on setting it up and everything looks the same.


      Has anyone gotten this model to work and possibly have a template I can follow.