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    Percent network availability pie chart




      I’d like to create a network summary report using the web-based report writer.


      On the front page I would like to have pie charts showing entire percent network availability for the past month, then below that availability per region (AMER/EMEA/APAC).


      Looking at the out-the-box reports there is one called “Availability of Entire Network - Last Month” – and I think I might be able to use that.


      The SQL used for that report is:


      SELECT  TOP 10000 AVG(ResponseTime.Availability) AS AVERAGE_of_Availability




      ( DateTime BETWEEN 42977 AND 43006.9999884259 )


      Problem is that I am unable to use this to create a pie chart.


      I’m also not sure how the DateTime formula is working.


      Can anyone help?