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    NTA System Requirements


      HI All,


      Solarwinds support is not very helpful about this topic. They just send you to the following link but wont address any concerns about their system requirements.


      NTA 4.2.2 System Requirements - SolarWinds Worldwide, LLC. Help and Support


      CPU - 3GHz or faster --- In today's world everything is going virtual and we dont have servers like this anymore.

      RAM  - Production environments require 16 GB or more (16 - 128 GB)  --- This sounds more like a physical server


      On the SQL side Solarwinds is calling for the following:


      Hard drive space -

      100 GB minimum

      400 GB recommended


      RAM : 128 GB recommended


      what do you guys have for your NTA environment installed?




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          Since we all know 3 ghz processors are nearly non-existent in modern virtual hosts you can safely disregard the specfic ghz requirement.  I haven't seen a system pass that requirement in over a year and yet performance on those systems is fine. 


          On the RAM side I would discourage you from skimping out, all databases perform better if they can keep as much of the data in RAM as possible, depending on the amount of flow data you are sending it is pretty common to have netflow databases in the 10-100 GB range, and having a slow netflow database will make the UI pretty unresponsive on all the NTA pages.  400 GB on disk would be an unusually long retention period with a really high number of flows.