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    Suggestion on HA solution for Solarwinds Database


      Hi All,


      Need some help on the solution that is best suited for having Solarwinds DB in HA mode. I am aware that its not provided out of box from Solarwinds but i would like to know what others are using and which is the effective one.


      Recently we have been requested to design HA solution for the application and the database as well. Our DB admins suggested about using mirroring concept.


      But from what i have understood, in Solarwinds while configuring we can point only to 1 instance and not two. And another point is Solarwinds supports only Simple recovery Mode for Database unless it is hosted on SQL cluster or SQL Always on.Correct me if am wrong in understanding. Also SQL Always ON has 2 methods:

      • AlwaysOn Failover Clustering Instances (AlwaysOn FCI)
      • AlwaysOn Availability Groups (AlwaysOn AG)


      So what is the best and recommended procedure to go with?