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    have an announcement visible on whd?


      I searched, but maybe didn't use the right terms. Is there a way to have an "announcement" or something similar visible on WHD? Either on the logon screen or on the ticket creation screen for end users? Right now, we have a server down. We are aware of it, and we're working on it, and we don't need end users submitting tickets for this issue. Any way to make this clear on WHD itself? Thanks!

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          Notes on this (just FYI):


          • Creating a Message will allow you to put in info for people that have come into the Web Portal
          • When a Client logs into the web portal, if there is a new message they haven't seen, they will get directed straight to the "New Messages" page instead of the normal default (ticket submission page).  This is useful for the "hey we already know about this issue!" scenario that you've described.  
          • If you make the message "Public" instead just for Techs/Clients, end-users will see a link on the login page (before they even log in) saying something like "There are 2 Public messages", and that link will display the current Public messages if they click it.
          • You can set an expiration for your Messages when you create them so it is possible to have them display for a set amount of time.
          • Creating a message is just affecting users coming to the web portal; will not notify anyone by email
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