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    Create report from csv-file ?


      Sorry if this has been answered before, I just couldn't find it...


      I have the result from a nmap scan stored to a csv-file. This scan is for SSL-certs installed on different host in different network ranges and some basic info about them (issuer, commonname, validto etc).

      I would like to have a "list/report/whatever" in SAM that lists the e.g. the 10 certs closest to expiration (and maybe also create an alert when the expiration date is e.g. less than 30 days).


      How can this be done?

      I know I could create a powershell monitor to read the csv and have the message/stat stored to the database. The message would then have to be a concatenation of issuer/commonname/etc and the stat could be the remaining days to expiration.

      But is there another (easier) way to accomplish this?