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    12.2 GA/ Hotfix 1 Install issues


      Wanted to see if anyone else has seen this.


      I had a bunch of issues with polling all our ASAs with the new Network Insight for Cisco ASA (SW case # 1213238).  With the help of the awesome SW NPM dev team, I have a "bandaid" fix in place for that until the fix hotfix.


      I'm running NPM 12.2 RC3 with "Orion Platform 2017.3.5200".

      Well, I just noticed that an Orion hotfix was released on 9/27.  I downloaded it, and get a change window to install it.

      When I attempted to install it, I received an error that says "The "Orion Platform HotFix 1" is valid only for "Core" version 2017.3.5320.1819. Such version was not found on this machine."



      I downloaded the Orion installer from NPM 12.2 GA and tried to run that but, I received an error for this as well. This error says "Ooops...we detected a problem"



      I'm on hold for SW support now, just wanted to throw a post on THWACK to see if anyone else has ran into this.