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    Monitoring JBOSS (JMX)




      Currently, we try to monitor JBOSS with Solarwinds.

      As far as we know, we have to configure the JVM for JMX and add some Java arguments at the startup file /run.sh.

      We also follow this article below :

      JBoss (JMX)


      After we add the Java arguments, we restart the service in order to make it works.

      The problem is, the application can not start anymore and we can't even try to monitor this JBoss.


      My question is, is the configurastion from the article can be used for any version of JBoss ? (We used JBoss Version 6.2).

      Are there any prerequisites before we do this configuration ?

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          Steven Hunt

          This has been tested on a few different versions. Have you opened a support case to troubleshoot further?

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            Hi Rio,


            it seems that for JBoss 7.2+ (aka EAP 6.1+) is possible configure JMX remoting without touching the JVM startup parameters.


            For me was working on the standalone configuration such steps:


            • call .\bin\add-user.bat to add a user for monitoring (select Management User, About to add user '...' for realm 'ManagementRealm' Is this correct yes/no? YES)
            • modify configuration .\standalone\configuration\standalone.xml - to listen on IP address - screenshot shows how to configure for any address.
              You will probably use more strict settings to allow access just from Orion server.

            Alternative for this step is to use parameter -Djboss.bind.address.management