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    How to Create Report Backup RMAN Oracle


      Dear Expert,

      How to create Custome Report Backup RMAN with script SQL for Oracle Database in Solarwind ?

      Sql script is :

      SELECT b.command_id, b.input_type, b.status,

             TO_CHAR (b.start_time, 'DD-MM-YY HH24:MI') "Start Time",

             b.time_taken_display, b.output_device_type device_type,

             b.input_bytes_display, b.output_bytes_display,

             b.output_bytes_per_sec_display "OutBytesPerSec", detail.besar_backup

        FROM v$rman_backup_job_details b,

             (SELECT   tag, SUM (BYTES / 1024 / 1024 / 1024) besar_backup

                  FROM v$backup_piece_details

              GROUP BY tag) detail

      WHERE b.command_id = detail.tag(+);


      Thanks a lot for support,

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          Looks like you have a great start with the query. What I'd do personally is to set up an alert for this.

          Put all of the details concatenated into column 1 of the select, then a case statement of success or failure based on the status (since this needs to be a numeric).


          You can then be notified if the case statement evaluates to False or failure for the alert.

          The reason I'd recommend going this route is that the report functionality regarding this type of report would really just be the query itself against the monitored instance.

          This way you could leverage DPA to get notifications when things fail.