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    12.2 Manage Entities Feedback


      So at first I was liking it, but after a few days I don't anymore.  Maybe just because it seems to be pretty buggy for me.


      After first upgrade, it came with some default filters.  Now those have disappeared in both FF 56 and Chrome 61 and IE on Windows 10.  When I first click on Manage Nodes, I can sometimes briefly see the filters but then they disappear.


      I tried adding some back.  So far they still don't show up in FF.  With IE and Chrome I get mixed results with sometimes they are there and sometimes not after I do a refresh, or navigate away and come back.


      Another thing I don't like is I don't see a way to view resources of a node that are being monitored.  In the old Manage Nodes you could expand under a node and see what volumes, interfaces etc were listed.  Then easily selected and delete if wanted.  In the new view I see no way to do that.  If I click the ">" on the right, it pops open a window showing Related Entities.  A drop down with Interfaces shows, but is not selectable.


      Hopefully this will improve but for now, I'm going back to the old Manage Nodes.


      Anyone else have anything pro/con feedback?  Maybe I'm just missing something/functionality?

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          Have you had any updated opinions since October?


          I just upgraded last week and I've been playing around with it and don't like it. It lost a lot of functionality. Here's what I found that I can no longer do:


          Can’t select all nodes. I have to click through each page to select all on that page. So if I wanted to select 700 nodes I'd have to click through quite a few pages to do that.

          Can’t adjust the number of elements to display per page.

          Can’t sort by anything other than node name or IP. I used to be able to sort by custom property but can't anymore.

          Can’t see all of my custom properties for selecting. Show more brings up another pop up window that is not sorted correctly and difficult to navigate.

          Can’t select all interfaces for a group of nodes. The interface selection is over in the far right corner and if I wanted to select all loopbacks for example and remove them I can't figure out how to do that.

          Adding columns doesn't show you what the column header is. This is very frustrating because I have some boolean custom properties and if i have both of them on a node at the same time, I can't tell which one is which.


          There's still not any functionality to search or filter by sysoid and I still can't search by CIDR. The overall look is nice, but I've grown more and more disappointed and frustrated with it the more I use it. I'm sticking with Manage Nodes until they vastly improve manage entities.

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              Hello Rachel,


              Thanks for this feedback!


              "Can't adjust the number of elements to display per page"

              You can actually do this but clicking on the pager.



              If you filter down to the set of nodes, the default grouping for interfaces is by Type which should allow you to see at a glance the loopbacks and select all of them to delete.


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                  Thanks for those tips, Serena.

                  I have a question about selecting interfaces. Would I have to click the Loopback within each selected node? From the screenshot it looks like it would be node1 Interfaces1, node2 interfaces2, etc. not all the interfaces from all the nodes grouped together by type? If I had 1000 loopbacks to delete, it looks like I’d have to do a lot more clicking than through manage nodes where I’d have all of them selected then click delete. Unless I’m missing something. I’ll play around with it more.

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                    I can't even use it.  Case # 1302267

                    Lot's of wasted screen when it did work.  Very slow and cumbersome, and as others have said, very difficult to filter on the things we actually need to filter on.

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                  Pretty much the ONLY thing wrong with the old page was the inability to manage interfaces (i.e. group by interface characteristics.)

                  This new page makes that even worse.