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    Link to a FAQ


      We really haven't made use of WHD FAQs yet, mainly because our users submit tickets via email.




      What I am wondering is, can we include a FAQ as part of our Notes back to Clients, with the FAQ being sort of a training resource?


      If so, I would like WHD FAQs to contain embedded videos or documentation.




      Someone fills out a ticket saying their Smartboard lamp burned out (and we all know Smartboards do not have lamps).


      So in a response, I would like to include an FAQ showing them how to let us know what model projector they have so we can bring the correct lamp. But they would need to be shown on the video what the projector looks like and where to find the model number.


      IF this can be done now, please let me know.


      Ideally, when a tech is updating a ticket, the FAQs would be showing on the right side of the browser window so the tech could click a link which would b embedded in the note.

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          Here is an example of what I am talking about. In this case the actual ticket doesn't matter, it is the concept that matters.


          To the right of every ticket, a listing of FAQs should appear that are appropriate for the Request Type. When creating a new NOTE, you should be able to click on any FAQ that would appear on the right, and a link should be created within the NOTE, so the Client can click and see the FAQ.


          The FAQ needs to support both Graphics and Videos.


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              Hi all,


              I have the same question, and i'm not finding a clear answer. To the right of every ticket, a listing of FAQs should appear that are appropriate for the Request Type. This so Technicians (and later on the clients) are able to see the related FAQ.


              In my case, the technicians are colleague's from different departments and the client are our customers. Due to different levels of knowledge by Technicians, we want the FAQ Appearing in the ticket, to guide them to the right answer for the customer.

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                  As a Tech, you won't see it directly inline when you are just viewing the Ticket Details.  You'd need to open a new Note and then click the Link FAQ button which will open a separate window to let you browse/search the FAQ tree.  The default is that it will show you any FAQs that are related to the Request Type of the ticket.  As an example, in my screenshot below, when I opened up this ticket and clicked 'link faq' it showed me the FAQs related to the HR Request --> Benefits --> 401K Request Type.   You can't see it in the screenshot, but on the right side there are buttons i could click to add one of the FAQs into my Note.

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                      I get, however, that you are wanting the same type of inline FAQ suggestion that the Client users get when they are submitting tickets through the web portal.
                      That would be a Feature Request.  You can "vote up" the existing Feature Request for that here:


                      Suggest FAQs to Techs

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                        If you look at the picture you included, it displays one of the issues with this procedure. From your picture, there is no way of actually "Linking" the FAQ. You need to scroll to the far right of the window to actually click the link to the FAQ to link it.




                        AND, the FAQ window does NOT remember the size of the window, so it ALWAYS opens up where you need to scroll.


                        AND, opening the FAQ window in a popup window covers the current ticket unless you have a large monitor.



                        It isn't convenient, and isn't that the point of a service desk? We are attempting to answer incidents in the quickest way, so this process should be attempting to help the Help Desk people get to an answer. Either make a FAQ side tab (like the current Requests/Problems side TAB). Doesn't need to replace the current Request/Problems side TAB, just put a FAQ side TAB below the current Requests/Problems side TAB. Enable the FAQs to then Fit in the area of the side TAB. For those who like the current system, that does NOT need to be eliminated. Leave the "Link FAQ" link on the new notes behave as it does not, but include the side TAB for an alternative way of linking a FAQ.

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                    When a Tech is putting a Note into a ticket, there is an option to link to a FAQ:

                    Then the Tech can search and Link whatever FAQ they'd like to be included in the Note:

                    This is what it will look like once a Note exists that has a link to a FAQ embedded:



                    FAQs can have attachments and/or links.

                    Images can display inline, but only if you have them hosted somewhere and can point to them with a URL:


                    When i put in a FAQ like this with a link to YouTube:

                    I get an embedded video like this:

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                        So it is almost there, but not quite.


                        When I look at a ticket and click the "Link FAQ", it takes me to a new generic window, where I need to select the information I am looking for (when it should already have made that selection for me based on the Request Type of the ticket).


                        I would also prefer the Link FAQ button NOT open a separate window, but have the FAQs available on the Ticket so a Tech can also view them while looking at the ticket. Separate window mean covering up the Ticket. Should be an option to open into a separate window, but there should also be an option to display the FAQ list within the same window of the Ticket based on the Request Type of the ticket (default) with an option to search further if desired.


                        I will play with this now that I can see that it is possible.


                        thank you Kelly Tice

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                          I should ask since I am here (I know I should try but I will ask anyway).


                          Will the embedded graphics and videos be viewable to our clients in their email?


                          Our clients do not Sign Into WHD. Everything is done via email. They submit tickets via email, the notes get sent back to them via email.


                          The screenshots you sent are all WHD screenshots. I am hoping the graphics and videos when included in the Notes and sent back via email will be included as well.

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                            Let me know if I am wrong, but I cannot copy/paste from Preview into a FAQ in WHD using Google Chrome (at least it is not working for me).


                            I need to copy/paste from Preview into a Google Doc, then copy/paste from the Google Doc into a FAQ using Google Chrome.


                            When attempting to copy/paste directly from Preview into a FAQ nothing happens. Like WHD will not accept the clipboard.


                            Still need to see if the same thing happens in Safari, but it wasn't working in Chrome.


                            I use Preview to annotate the graphics (screenshots).

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                                fluffy midnight

                                Copy-pasting graphics into Web Help Desk is not currently a feature, this is something that is being worked on by the SolarWinds Development Team.


                                The feature to have images show in an FAQ is possible as per the replies above but it seems this is not what you are looking for.