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    VMAN 7.1 to 8 Upgrade


      So I was getting ready to upgrade Orion from 12.1 to 12.2.  We are running the VMAN 7.1 appliance.  The new upgrade process says the new VIM is not compatible with our 7.1 appliance.  Documentation I'm finding while filled with a lot of options/info is kinda confusing on which to follow. 


      12.2 now has a VMAN 8 poller integrated on the main Orion server from what I understand.  It says you can use the synchronization wizard to move off the appliance.  But I also found documents that say I need to go from 7.1 to 7.2 yet 7.2 is not on the download page.


      I'm surprised there aren't more posts on going to 8 yet.


      Hoping to get a few tips from here instead of contacting support since it isn't urgent and support can take a long time.



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          do you still want to use VMAN Appliance as a poller?


          If no (you want to use new VMAN Orion poller), you can just finish upgrade (ignore this VMAN - VIM incompatible warning message) and then just finish migration wizard in Orion Virtualization settings -> it will automatically import everything from VMAN appliance to Orion, set polling method to new VMAN Orion poller and disable integration


          If yes, there are 2 options how to get new VMAN appliance:

          - deploy new VMAN 8.0 (upgrade from 7.1 to full 8.0 is not supported, because there are different versions of CentOS, so unfortunately you have to deploy fresh new VMAN to get VMAN 8.0 with CentOS 6)

          - another option is to use VMAN 7.1 HF2 -> it will "upgrade" your VMAN to 8.0 version (you will get all new changes, but on the old CentOS)


          VMAN 7.2 - it was first VMAN with CentOS 6. Upgrade from 7.1 to 7.2 wasnt possible, you have to deploy fresh new VMAN 7.2. So it makes sense to not be on download page since now you can just deploy new VMAN 8. (upgrade from 7.2 to 8.0 is supported -> same CentOS version)

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            I haven't run the upgrade yet because I was waiting for others to go through it and post some feed back either positive or negative.