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    Using the Alert RESET Trigger for an action


      Hi Guys

      As we don't have SW installed on 2012 servers we cannot take advantage of the new 'Maintenance Mode' function.


      Instead I'm creating this manually and just stuck on the RESET Trigger.


      I have setup a Custom Property (Mute) which allows me to place a Node into 'Mute' On/Yes/true or Off/No/false which is changed in the Node properties placing the Node into Maintenance Mode.


      However, I would like to set a RESET Condition on the Alert which will automatically change the Mode back from 'Mute Yes' to 'Mute No' after let's say 4 hours. So if the maintenance window is for 4 hours then I would manually change the 'Mute Custom Property' on the target node/s to 'Yes' but I'm not sure how I would get this to change back after 4 hours automatically.


      The problem I have is when trying to set the RESET ACTION which seems to allow me to 'Change 'Mute' property to 'False', but the Reset Action is dependant on the Rest Condition = When reset condition of the alert is met the following actions and in following order will be executed. However, for any of those Reset Conditions to be set a manually process has to take place by Un-Muting the Node..... if that makes sense.





      Is there a way I can place a Node into Mute automatically and a way I can un-mute the node automatically after a given period of time (schedule)?

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          Hi Guys


          I got this resolved by the following method. The below is based on Manually placing the Node/s into Maintenance Mode via the pre-configured Custom Property (Mute) and then this Alert will automatically RESET after 2 minutes (outlined on the RESET CONDITION). You can specify any time scale on the Reset Condition which ultimately provides you with your Maintenance Window :-)


          Any questions please ask.