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    ASA Mis-Identified Devices

    John Handberg

      I don't know if anyone else has seen this bug yet, but this morning I found some devices mis-identified as Cisco ASA devices.  As a result, these devices have the new ASA Summary and tabs and not the default Node Summary tabs.  I was able to convert one back by changing the View Type from (default) to Node Details - Summary.  The second device I tried to change the view on has not reverted even after selecting the Node Details - Summary and forcing a Rediscover and Poll Now.


      I discovered this issue on 2 models so far:

      Cisco 891 ISR - ok, this one has VPN, but I needed to look at something from the Node - Network tab when this remote site went down, and those details are no longer on the new ASA views.

      Cisco 3560CX - This one is a layer 2 switch, no firewall or VPN capability even.  WS-C3560CX-12PC-S


      I need to review some other devices to see if this is happening on more models.