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    ASA Mis-Identified Devices

    John Handberg

      I don't know if anyone else has seen this bug yet, but this morning I found some devices mis-identified as Cisco ASA devices.  As a result, these devices have the new ASA Summary and tabs and not the default Node Summary tabs.  I was able to convert one back by changing the View Type from (default) to Node Details - Summary.  The second device I tried to change the view on has not reverted even after selecting the Node Details - Summary and forcing a Rediscover and Poll Now.


      I discovered this issue on 2 models so far:

      Cisco 891 ISR - ok, this one has VPN, but I needed to look at something from the Node - Network tab when this remote site went down, and those details are no longer on the new ASA views.

      Cisco 3560CX - This one is a layer 2 switch, no firewall or VPN capability even.  WS-C3560CX-12PC-S


      I need to review some other devices to see if this is happening on more models.

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          John Handberg

          I looked into this a little further.  On my system, any Cisco node that is basically unidentified, is defaulting to the ASA summary pages and ASA tabs.  And I have quite a few of those of multiple models.  Many are switches with no ASA components.



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              We are having a similar issue as far as nodes not accepting view changes.  Devices are being discovered and identified correctly and have different view by device types assigned in the settings menu, but despite that and manually changing them on individual devices under edit node all devices are stuck at the Node Details - Summary view only