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    Unmanage / Mute Alerts and Dependency Chains


      Good morning and happy Friday!


      I have, what I think, is a relatively simple question. We have been working on migrating from WhatsUP Gold for up/down monitoring to Solarwinds NPM. So far it's been a pretty painless process, but we've bumped into a sort of sticking point.


      In WhatsUP Gold, when a facility's router was placed in maintenance mode, that setting would carry down the dependency chain. So if I muted FacilityRouter1, then FacilityServer1, FacilityDVR1, FacilitySwitch1, etc. would all also be muted. This appears to work differently in Solarwinds - when we mute FacilityRouter1, that router has to be detected offline by SW in order to suppress the alerts down the chain. If FacilityRouter1 is muted but FacilitySwitch1 is taken offline, all the things that depend on FacilitySwitch1 will still alert.


      Our techs have pushed back pretty hard about muting each individual device...At some locations, with 10-15 devices that need to be muted, this isn't efficient. I cannot grant them 'Manage Nodes' access, so going the manage nodes - > find all devices to mute -> mute devices is out of the question as well.