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    Default Host Properties - Remove Service on Disconnect


      Hello. I'm very new to Dameware.  We have the centralized solution, using the MSI tool to create an msi package that's distributed via SMS.  Prior to this, my colleagues on the other side of the world had been using the stand-alone version. Apparently IT Security had advised on security settings, one of which I'm not sure I understand how it works, specifically the 3 options under Install Options in Default Host Properties in Mini Remote Control. All of these were checked.  My questions regarding this are:


      1. If 'Remove service on disconnect' is selected, wouldn't that basically nullify the other two options, Stop service on disconnect and Set Service Startup type to "Manual" default is automatic'?  IOW, If the desire is to remove the client on disconnect, wouldn't selecting the single option negate the need to select the other two options?


      2. How do you control these settings since it seems that this is set in MRC?  So, for example, the MRC client is rolled out via SMS and installed on the remote PC, would each tech using MRC have to edit these settings for their own installation, in order to remove the client on disconnect?  Is there a way to make this setting global? How do you enforce something like this (i.e., all techs have this option either ENABLED or DISABLED)?


      3. Is there a best practice with regard to the client and if it should remain installed?  Should it be removed after every disconnect? If so, why?


      Thanks for any feedback.