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    Alert for only one drive on a particular windows server


      I have a win2012 server with multiple logical drives. I want to set email alert for only D drive so an email is triggered if the space is less than 100 GB or available space is below 10%. How do create a trigger for only a specific drive? Have tried by creating a custom property volume but not able to specify the threshold level.

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          To do this as a one-off just set up conditions like this:


          Alert on a volume, set the conditions such that node

          name is "yournode"

          and Volume caption starts with "D:"

          and (volumepercentused is greater than 90


          volumefreespace is less than 100000000000)



          Due to some quirks with the way the developers put together the volumes threshold tables you can't set a volume to alert when it crosses it's threshold through the UI so for a more scalable solution I use this custom SWQL alert, and it just alerts on any volume that is above it's threshold percentage, if no threshold has been set it uses the global defaults.


          SELECT Volumes.Uri, Volumes.DisplayName FROM Orion.Volumes AS Volumes


          join (SELECT v.volumeid

          from orion.Volumes v

          left join  Orion.ForecastCapacitySettings fc on fc.InstanceId=v.VolumeID and fc.metricid=3

          where v.volumepercentused >= case when fc.CriticalThreshold is null then (Select CurrentValue AS [col1] FROM Orion.Settings WHERE SettingID = 'NetPerfMon-DiskSpace-Error')

          else fc.CriticalThreshold

          end) crit on volumes.volumeid=crit.volumeid

          where volumes.volumetype like 'fixed%' or volumes.volumetype like '%network%' or volumes.volumetype like '%mount%'

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            I would use a Custom Property on the volume.

            1.     Create a Custom Property on Volumes for NumberOfAcceptableFreeBytes (or MB or % or as you like, you can use it for interface bandwidth too)

            2.     Stick a number in the Custom Property for your volume

            3.     In your Trigger conditions     A) check whether there is a value & if there is a value

                                                                 B) check the actual available free space

            4.    If the actual free space is smaller than the value in the Custom Property trigger an alert

            This way you could set different limits on any volume you like without re-inventing the wheel each time.