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    How does one add IOS version to a Compliance Report?  Or incorporate a Compliance Report into an Inventory report?


      A recent Cisco IOS / IOS-XE vulnerability exists in certain code trains on Cisco L3 devices.  If the device is both:

      1. Running a vulnerable version of code, AND
      2. Using the phrase " ip helper-address" in the running-config,


      Then it should be upgraded to a non-vulnerable IOS version.


      I've created a Compliance Report that highlights all of my L3 devices that contain  "ip helper-address" in their configs.


      The report includes NodeName, NodeIpAddress and the lines/instances of " ip helper-address" in the config.


      But it does NOT include the IOS or IOS-XE version of code, which is what I need to make this work.



      Alternately, I might be able to get what I need by creating or modifying an Inventory Report, if I knew how to add my new Compliance Report to the Inventory Report as a column.



      Can you help me accomplish this?



      Or, is there already a Cisco IOS Vulnerability report that deals with this " ip helper-address" issue, which I can download and use?  If so, what's it called, where can I get it?





      Rick Schroeder