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    VMAN 8.0 and agents



      I have PM'd 2 product managers and have not received a response.


      Can someone tell me if I will need to remove the agents from the 2,000 Windows and Linux guests I have in VMware for VMAN 8.0 to work correctly?

      If so, How can I do this in mass since there are multiple credentials involved?


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          You shouldn't need to remove the agent from your Windows and Linux guests for VMAN 8.0 to work.  VMAN uses the VCenter API to poll the hypervisor data necessary to populate VMAN resources such as All active virtualization alerts, VM Sprawl, & Recommendations.  The agents will still report back OS level data you normally get with SAM. When you add the vCenter(s) VMAN will merge the hypervisor data for the individual VMs it polls with the guest OS data for the VMs it receives with the agent.

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              Then what is that warning about?

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                  Hi as Chris wrote you don't need to remove the agents, so let me shed some light on what the warning says. The virtualization polling is done through the top level entity, which is usually a VCenter or a standalone host. In order to utilize the new VMan poller on Orion, the top level entity must not be polled using agent. You can poll it through ICMP, WMI (for Hyper-V), or SNMP if the entity supports it, just be aware that VMware is dropping the SNMP support, so the ICPM polling is safest choice for VMware. You can still poll guest VMs using agents, which as Chris wrote basically increases the amount of available information by stuff we can't get from hypervisor API (applications, services, etc.).

                  Now about the warning, we are showing it on all guests in situation where the top level entity is polled by agent, to make sure that you will notice it, since it basically means that you are not getting all the stuff you can get. In your situation just make sure that the top level entity (VCenter/standalone ESX/Hyper-V host) is not polled by agent and is polled using ICMP/SNMP/WMI. Once that is configured, the warning should go away and you should get all the data that the new VMan Orion poller is polling.

                  If for some reason you are still getting the warning even though the parent entity is not polled by agent, please grab diagnostics and contact support, so that we can take a look at why is this happening.

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                Hi dfairles, Did you ever get resolution on this (False?) alert/warning?


                I'm seeing it on all our Linux nodes running Orion agents, and I am certain that the top level ESX hosts are being monitored via SNMP, and not via agents themselves.