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    Event Log Monitor Alerting


      Good morning Thwack Community,


      We have had issues with 'down' alerts being hit or miss with VMs due to the rate at which they come back up, I created an alert to catch an OS startup event so that in the case our simple 'ping' monitor doesn't catch a VM going down we will still see an alert posted acknowledging that the server has just came back up. Now I'm not sure if this is the best way to do this (I'd imagine it's far from it) so I'd love some advice on how you guys alert on the status of servers, baring in mind my knowledge of SW is still very lacking.


      I originally tested this alert and I'm *sure* it was working, however now on testing it again before I roll it out to servers it appears it isn't. I have it configured as below, I'm unsure as to if this is going down and I'm just missing it however the alert based on the down status of this component isn't triggering either.


      Component Monitor




      Possibly the scope of the alert is configured incorrectly, is this reliant on all 5 event log monitors being down at the same time?