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    Inventory with Downstream WSUS Servers


      Guys, I have a central upstream WSUS 20102 R2 server and 8 downstream ones. I have configured them to roll-up their status to the upstream server. So, I'm wondering do I need ot inventory the downstream servers at all if I'm only interested in the WSUS reports? Do I only need to inventory the upstream server afterthe downstreams have rolled up to it?

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          All other things being equal you should be able to inventory the top level WSUS server to get the information.  It should only take a few hours (at most) to test this for your environment, and most of that will happen in the background when you set up and run the inventory.


          There are a lot of moving parts on the WSUS side that can cause issues, a few that come to mind:  I have seen issues with synchronizing this information if the downstream and upstream server versions don't match (2008 vs 2012 for example).  Any synchronization issues between WSUS servers will mean you won't get that data, etc.

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