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    Performance Question - Monitoring SQL Server


      We have a SQL server that we would like to monitor with NPM, but the vendor who created the application are saying they have seen Solarwinds cause a large performance hit on other SQL servers.  Is this true?  Are there any dos/don'ts for monitoring SQL?  What impact to resources should we expect?

      The server is running Microsoft Server 2012 R2 with SQL Server 2014.  It is a virtual machine on VMware 5.5.

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          You mention NPM.  Are you talking about basic monitoring of the server itself with NPM or something more detailed leveraging SAM or DPA?  Agent based monitoring or WMI/SNMP?


          I have well over 100 SQL servers being monitored with AppInsight for SQL in SAM.  I've not heard any complaints from our DBAs about it causing any sort of noticeable performance issues.  I don't use agent monitoring yet, but have heard its a bit more efficient than WMI.  Though I don't think you should expect to see a noticeable performance hit either way if your SQL servers resourced appropriately.