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    Cisco Nexus 7K


      I recently took a couple of Solarwinds courses for work, during my class, I asked a question regarding Netflow on the Nexus 7K & was told that in order for you to use Netflow on the 7K's you have to use a particular module. My Instructor actually went out of his way to provide some documentation to that.


      This is when I really started to look at the 7K platform, and found out that with the Nexus 7700 series you can only use sampled Data, since none of the Sups for the 7700 series supports full sample,(F series) to use Netflow, it does not & will not support full sample, that setup will not work for us, or at lease to my recommendation to the client. So I continued on my research & found that in order to use Netflow the way Solarwinds intended it to be used, you have to use a Sup that supports full sample, you have to use the M series Sup mods I have attached a spreadsheet to reflect this.


      With the F2 and F2e Series modules, you will need to be aware of the scaling factor to be configured, which is the additional sampling of 1:100 multiplied by the configured sampling. If you overlook this factor, you will not see the actual in the reported rate.

      Rate limiter limits the number of packets that reach the CPU to approximately 1000 packets per second on the F2 and F2e Series modules. On the F3 Series module, rate limiting of 500 PPS per ASIC (SoC) is implemented. Hence, for Cisco NX-OS 7000, if the F3 Series module has 6 SoCs, then it will rate limit 500*6=3000 PPS to the CPU, per F3 Series module; and for Cisco NX-OS 7700, if the F3 Series module has 12 SoCs, then it will rate limit 500*12=6000 PPS to the CPU, per F3 Series module.

      The F3 and M3 Series module supports more sampling rate, 1:131071 compared to 1:8191 on other F2 and F2e series modules.


      M1 Series modules support the configuration change from the Version 5 to Version 9 export format, but F2, F2e, and F3 Series modules do not.


      Now as a result the client needs to look to see what credit Cisco will give them on the N7706, and go with the 7006 & use N7K-M148GS-11, this Mod support everything that the client needs.


      What a nightmare.