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    Using NCM to add new ACLs to multiple routers


      I have a lot of sites that need to have a new ACL added. Each site has a different network (10.x.x.x) but they all follow the same scheme for the last octet. I have a custom property that is the site prefix (10.x.x.) is there a way that I can set up the job in NCM to add the site prefix to the standard list that I will be using?





      ip access-list extended MY_ACL

          10 permit ip host CP_Prefix_List.254

          20 permit ip host CP_Prefix_List.254

          80 permit ip host CP_Prefix_List.254 host 72.x.x.x

          90 permit ip host CP_Prefix_List.254 host 72.x.x.y

          100 permit ip CP_Prefix_List.0

          110 permit ip CP_Prefix_List.0

          190 permit ip CP_Prefix_List.64

          200 permit ip CP_Prefix_List.64

          240 permit ip CP_Prefix_List.96

          250 permit ip CP_Prefix_List.96

          280 permit ip CP_Prefix_List.96

          290 permit ip CP_Prefix_List.96

          320 permit ip CP_Prefix_List.0

          330 permit ip CP_Prefix_List.64