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    Software Distribution Corruption


      Recently we have been notified by our security group about some machines that are infected by Wannacry. In every occasion the issue was obviously caused by the machine not being patched. Also in every occasion it was because of something in the Software Distribution Folder being corrupted. Rename of the folder fixes the issue, but annoyingly enough we lose the update history when having to do that. Does anyone know why this happens? The strange thing is that the PM Console shows the system checking in but not reporting the status. It's usually the reporting component that is the problem. I would think in that scenario that that the system would still be patching, we just wouldn't get the results because of the failure to report. This wasn't the case. Even though it was detecting, it never installed any updates. Does anyone else run into this? Any tips?


      [edit] just using PM with WSUS. No SCCM for patching.