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    NCM Change Configuration

    gourav baweja



      We want to Push some Change configuration to device and that Configuration Should Be Approved.


      I enable the Approval System but i am little bit confuse how to do Push Change Configuration.


      Please Suggest on that..


      We have to do Create a Job in NCM Jobs




      We have to push the Change Configuration from Configuration Management.

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          I'm unsure what your question is.


          When the change approval system is enabled the "Execute Script" button on devices changes to "Request Approval". (This is dependant on how the change approval system was set up, if it is not set up to require all users to submit for approval then I believe this button will only show up for accounts with privileges less than "Engineer")


          Once you start the very first screen it brings you to has an "Execution Method" what you select there will determine how the script is handled. If you set a specified time then once approved the script will execute at that time. If you select return to requestor, then the requestor will receive an email letting them know its approved, and the script will just wait until someone manually runs it.


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