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    NCM Resource to view failed backups


      I'm running NCM and am looking for a way to see any and all failed attempts to perform a backup of my switches/firewall/router. I haven't found an easy way to identify success or failure with my backups, aside from clicking each device. Is there a way to have a view that'll show me all failed backups?

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          There are several ways to discover this information, including automatically (via scheduled / daily reports) or manually (you look up the backup history).


          First way:  (best, IMHO)

          Create a New Job (or enable an existing one).  I use two--one for startup config backups, and a second for running-config backups.


          Here's what one looks like:


          When you choose "Email Results" you'll get a report that lists EVERY failure.  I get this every morning and review the e-mail and determine why any node failed, and fix it so it doesn't fail again.






          Second Way:  If you prefer to get this information "on-demand" instead of via a scheduled e-mail, just go into NCM's Configuration Management screen.


          The first tab is Config Management.  If you sort on Last Action Date, you can move all the nodes not recently backed up to the top of the list.



          The second tab is Transfer Status.  Click "Clear Complete" and you'll be left with the transfers that failed--an easy list to focus on troubleshooting.


          3rd Way:

          Go into Reports and search for "Config'.  You'll find several Reports that you'll find useful:

          • Backup Status of Running Config
          • Backup Status of Startup Config
          • Config Transfer Audit   Best Option!


          I like the last option best because it cuts to the heart of the matter most quickly, showing the devices that failed, their addresses, the user name, the status of the transfer, and the error message.  It even shows any output from the device, which could be very helpful when diagnosing the problem.



          4th Way:

          Open up NCM's Config Summary page and look for the graph of Overall Devices Backed Up vs. Not Backed Up.  If you don't have this view, build it.

          If there were a yellow line or pie wedge in the above graph, or if "Not Backed Up" were not 0%, I'd click on that yellow wedge.  Which opens up the list of devices that were not backed up.


          Here's hoping you find this the right answer to your questions!


          Swift Packets!


          Rick Schroeder

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