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    FAIL: NPM 11.5.2 install on Server 2016 with SQL Server 2016 pre-installed


      I am trying to upgrade my existing Solarwinds by installing on a fresh Windows Server 2016 and with SQL Server 2016 preinstalled.


      I was provided an upgrade plan by Solarwinds support where the initial few steps are failing from the start.


      After getting the back level 3.5 .NET compatibility CLR on the system, the install of NPM 11.5.2 on Server 2016 mysteriously fails installing the "Microsoft SQL Server Management Objects x86 shown below.


      SQL server MO install fail

      Interestingly enough the actual installation final wizard screen indicates it installed successfully ... but it didn't because there is no uninstaller put in place, no shortcuts installed on start menu and the Configuration Wizard doesn't even start.  So despite. Solarwinds support telling me I could install this version on Server 2016, clearly there is something broken here.