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    Report BGP remote AS on MPLS (Subnet/Remote sites)


      Hi Thwack Community,


      I'm looking to build a report that can summaries which of our remote site has/advertise which subnet on our MPLS.


      Let me explain, we have about 50 remote sites, all connected to our MPLS cloud. multiple subnets are advertised for each site.

      I use to maintain manually a spreadsheet to know which subnet is used on which Sites, but I would like to have that report dynamically based on BGP route.


      when I'm finding where a subnet is used, I usually check on one of our Cisco BGP router with the following command


                sh ip bgp | in 10.14.1

                     Network                    Next Hop            Metric LocPrf Weight Path

                     *>i              0    600      0 64576 64576 64576 64576 21302 64595 ?


      With the last remote AS number 64595, I can find which site is advertising subnet.


      On solarwinds, The default "route table" report is only showing


                Destination Network    | CIDR | Next hop      | Interface | Metric  | Source

                           | 24      | | InterfaceIndex #0 | BGP



      Any idea on how to get on one file this relation Remote Site/Subnet?