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    VNQM Issues VoIP UDP Jitter


      Hi there! I have some problems with ip sla operations. I've made UDP Jitter Operations and the errors that apperars are the followings:

      . Operation timed out

      . Operation did not occur because no connection (session) exists with the target.

      . Operation setup on the node failed. An incorrect value was specified.


      Somebody knows why that errors apperar? The status of the operations are down, by the way.

      All answers are useful!



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          "Operation setup on the node failed. An incorrect value was specified."


          I have the same issue  on around 100 IP Sla operations created from VNQM but that IP SLA Operation are not on my Router, I think these operations have never been created on my Router.


          I'm running IOS 15.3, 15.1 and 12.4 on my different Routers.



          michal.hrncirik Do you know if it exists any compatibility issue with Cisco IOS and VNQM with VOIP UDP Jitter Operations?


          Thanks in advanced