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    NPM 12.2 Manage Nodes deprecated in favor of Manage Entities


      Reading through the 'deprecation' notices listed in the NPM 12.2 announcement, I stumbled upon the new 'integrated search' feature - that's a handy addition, and saves me from having to put search 'resources' on every view.  However, those results are listed by the 'Manage Entities' page which needs a LOT of work, before it's really ready for main line operations, in my view.

      The tabular format (and the ability to configure which columns are shown) in the current Manage Nodes page provides a critical 'summary' capability for the nodes/interfaces matching the search criteria.  Yes, it's a drag that it can only really sift through Nodes and Interfaces (not volumes or other properties), but the Manage Entities view provides only Name, IP, and Vendor - in effect, we lose the ability to 'compare and contrast' two nodes in the way that the Manage Nodes page does.

      I hope you have a number of fine folks working feverishly to make the Manage Entities page/view (more) useful - as of right now, I find it far less useful than the page it is meant to replace.

      I'm sorry if this sounds harsh - please know that I appreciate the work.  I just think this particular change isn't ready for 'release' yet, and pushing it on the Manage Nodes page is (in my view) a mistake until it's further developed.

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          Today's WebEx session that talked about some of the new version features discussed something that sounds a LOT like what you're talking about, for Managing Entities.  The presenter showed the ability to swap back and forth between the traditional view and the new Manage Entities view.  Plus, she showed some pretty flexible abilities to customize the views for the Manage Entities.


          Hopefully you watched today's session, or can access it in a few days when the recording is available.  Maybe you'll even be able to poke around and discover ways to display what you want, by trial and error, or by reading the manual.