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    Server 2012 Misreporting CPU - Which is correct?

    Andrew LaGrone

      I've run into a scenario recently with some IIS servers running Server 2012, and I thought I would throw this out the community to see if anyone had something similar going on.


      We have some IIS servers running 2012 that are being reporting as "seeming" slow. Orion shows several of the CPU cores pegged at 100%, however Task Manager and Resource Monitor show that each CPU is running well (well below 10%), and that the AVG CPU is also well below 10%.


      For comparison (and some folks may want to save this snippet), Using Powershell and WMI, I can verify that what Orion is seeing is coming from the server, and the results show there are several CPUs pegged at 100%, and several that are running very hot, as well as the average CPU running much higher than the server is reporting from TM and RM. TM actually reports lower CPU than RM.


      (Get-WmiObject -Query "select Name, PercentProcessorTime from Win32_PerfFormattedData_PerfOS_Processor") | foreach-object { write-host "$($_.Name): $($_.PercentProcessorTime)" };


      Needless to say, Im having to defend Orion (which has consistently proven correct in cases like this), and show that it's the host that is at fault, and misrepresenting itself.


      Can anyone verify if WMI is correct vs. TM or RM, or provide some insight as to why they are so different? Is anyone else seeing something similar with Server 2012?