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    Issues with Reports on Printers


      Trying to leverage our PatchManager's reporting features and I'm running into a mystery.  I've run the canned report Reporting->Configuration Management Reports->Computer (system information) --- Computer System with Printer Info.  Report runs and seems to be finding the expected number of systems but produces..

      as a result.  Anyone know why the Printer report has no usable (export of info is blanks instead of odd square graphics) results?

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          Hello bobt,


          I hadn't inventoried for printers before today, so thank you for the question!


          Short answer:  The default inventory template doesn't include printers by default.


          Long answer:  You will need to modify the default inventory and save it as a template to use (this may mean that you need to re-set up some of your inventory tasks), but here's the KB for the general instructions:


          Configuring the Managed Computer Inventory Task - SolarWinds Worldwide, LLC. Help and Support


          When you are in the Inventory Configuration Editor, scroll down under Computer (System Information) and there are two boxes that aren't checked.  "Printer" is one of them.


          Once you set up your template, you will need to re-run your inventory with the new template and then it should show you the printers on those machines (I did, and recommend, testing against a single machine instead of the full environment for this).


          Hopefully that helps.


          PS you may be tempted to (don't give in) include all of the unchecked boxes in your inventory.  Some of these are off because turning them on can cause your inventory tasks to run for exceptionally long times, so be aware of that before you turn everything on.

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              This rabbit hole goes deep....

              I am a novice at these reports.  This situation makes the need to understand the various components and their relation to each other.

              Your answer relates to changing the template that controls what items are harvested when a task that retrieves the inventory is run.

              First, I changed it and saved it.  FIRST ISSUE: Saves as a template, but the Inventory task, or just setting up an inventory task from scratch, doesn't ASK about templates. So, that's confusing.

              Ran the report (Reporting->Configuration Management Reports->Computer (System Information) ---> Computer Systems with Printer Info and...nothing.

              I still have the boxes.

              SECOND ISSUE: When creating a report you can of course configure what columns of info and you can also add conditions that will filter out records.  Ok, now I'm back to the idea of a template; If there are multiple templates, which one is used to collect data from either the TASK that runs or the REPORT?  Seems like it should be in one of them.

              Bonus: In the Inventory Configuration Editor I have also tried to collect the info from the registry. The File, Directory and Registry Datasource Configuration tab. The entry I found that contains the info I need is in HKU\the first S-1-5-21 and then Printers\Connections.  It lists them nice and neat. Printer Server, Printer Object name.  Now the question is, I've added collecting this info.  How is it extracted in a report?


              I am still unable to get a report of my users network printer objects.  I have looked into powershell and it isn't too much more help.  We think that PS's issue involves the REMOTE REGISTRY service not running.  I'm wondering if this is the issue for PatchManager.


              I'm doing this task the hard way, but would REALLY like this tool (PatchManager) to be able to produce this info.

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                  Patch Manager can produce this info and it has nothing to do with Powershell (Patch Manager uses WMI to do it).


                  I think the root of it at this point is like you said, you're not sure on the templates being used or how to implement the one that you appear to have set up.


                  If we start from a new task (for testing) the way that I would test it:


                  1. Go to Enterprise -> Update Services -> <Your WSUS Server> -> Comptuers and Groups and find a machine you want to work with (there are many ways to get to a machine so pick your favorite if you want).
                  2. Right click on the machine and select Inventory (near the bottom of the list).
                  3. Make sure you select the Inventory - Include specific datasources or you won't get the data.
                    1. Don't use the default template, select the second radio button and you should see your template, otherwise you will want to create it and save it as before.
                  4. Once you've picked the template, click OK.
                  5. Pick your scope of machines (in this case there should already be one for your test) and finish out the inventory.


                  You will need to know that there's no real way to update the template you're using for your existing inventory tasks so you will end up re-creating those inventory tasks for your managed computers, but these steps should populate at least one machine in your report so that you can confirm that before you go through that fuss.


                  If you're still not seeing the data at that point my two best options are 1)  Contact Support if you need a quick answer for this and are under maintenance.  2)  Sign up for the Patch Manager class on Thursday and I can show you how I have it configured there:


                  Virtual Classrooms | SolarWinds Customer Portal