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    NPM 12.1 / NTA 4.2.2 - Two Network Interfaces on Main NPM server causing Excessive Packet Loss


      Good Morning Thwackers,


      I am new to Solarwinds NPM/NTA in general (only been using it for 6 months now), but just completed an upgrade of NPM, added an APE, and added NTA to the environment.  Worked with an internal employee, who has alot more knowledge of SW than me.


      NPM is running as a guest on Hyper-V and is stable, but we attempted to activate a 2nd virtual network interface on the server to segregate traffic between NPM and NTA.  However, several of the monitored network devices exhibited excessive packet loss > 60% and alerting, also the nodes became unreachable.


      So, is it possible to have this configuration, both of the virtual network interfaces were on the same subnet with different IP addresses of course.  I welcome any questions/comments on this.