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    Muting...More Info Needed


      Hello Thwack Community,

      I have hopefully an easy question to answer, although running through the NPM/SAM Admin guides really didn't help me on this one.


      With alerting...

      Is it only Node Based?

      eg.  If I am in an application monitor through a particular node and the application monitor checks 3 components, I can unmanage one of those components but still report on the other 2, without affecting anything else.  I see that it 'appears' I can do the same thing with 'Maintenance Mode / Mute' from within that application monitor screen accessed through the node.  Does that mute just that particular SAM, or the whole node.

      eg2.  If I go into assigned application monitors, I have the ability to show all the nodes for a particular check, select them all, and do the Mute Alerts within that context.  Does that mute the node, or mute the assigned application?


      I had run up to now with the belief

      ...that I can granularly mute particular SAMs but keep alerting on the node and with other SAM checks, but now I'm not so sure.

      ...Unmuting a node would take off all the mutes assigned, assuming granular muting is a thing.


      The scenario would be a change with how an Application Monitor scans services.  So for instance, if one SAM had 3 components to check, we'll call all 3 of them Windows Services, but we had an infrastructure change where one of those services would be converted to a process monitor, I'd like to mute that SAM while the change takes place, but not actually mute any other SAMs on those nodes or mute the node health checks.