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    Node Reboot Alert


      Hi Guys


      I need to create a Node Reboot Last Boot has Changed Alert for ALL Nodes and stuck with the following.


      If a Node is rebooted intentionally but but not come back up after 5 minutes then we are Alerted (Node DOWN)


      I can't see where to set the condition that specifies the 5 minute threshold before reporting that the Node is DOWN after a Reboot.


      In advance thank you for your support.

        • Re: Node Reboot Alert

          what you're asking for combines two separate alert conditions unfortunately.


          node reboots are identified by a change to the LastBootTime of a device. this is gathered through an SNMP (or WMI) query, which means that you're not notified until the node is already back up. because of that, you're not going to find a condition like this that exists:


          Alert me when the LastBootTime field has changed AND Status = Down > 5 minutes


          You might be able to leverage a node down event from the Events table correlated with a change to the LastBootTime field, but that seems really apt to false positives/negatives and I personally wouldn't run down that road.

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