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    NPM Web Reports - HTTP Connections / VPN User Session's


      HI, i'm looking to create reports via web console for the monitoring -

      • HTTP & TCP connection - Bluecoat Proxy SG400
      • VPN User sessions/connections - Cisco ASA5500's


      HTTP & TCP Connection for the BCs - Both reports are to include # of connected users, CPU & Memory.


      On cisco ASA5500, there are several contexts configured. therefore I would probably say 1 report per context, but once I have one report working I will be able to duplicate.


      I am struggling to identify the correct data source when creating these reports. I don't know SQL so it is either create a report from scratch or use a template if there is one, I can not seems to find one that works.


      Is there a template that can be used?

      Would it be possible fir someone to someone help identify each step on creating the report  with the correct data source & values etc.please?


      Many Thanks



        • Re: NPM Web Reports - HTTP Connections / VPN User Session's

          Before starting the reporting, are you polling for this information?  If not, I would start with universal device poller (UnDP).  The OID for client connection is  When I was browsing the MIB, I did not see one for TCP connections.  I also did not see a Bluecoat UnDP template in the content exchange.


          It takes a long time to find these specific values and I typically contact the vendor for the specific OID - it's much quicker and more accurate.


          Once you're successfully pulling the information, then we can easily write a report for the undp poller information.



          Hope that points you in the right direction.