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    Nagios Migration


      I have been asked to build with native SAM capabilities all the alerts Nagios currently runs for a few dozen servers. Has anyone else successfully pulled this off? We are apparently getting rid of Nagios entirely, so I'm told the Nagios Script Monitor is not an option. There seems to be a wide array of things Nagios is doing, some that seem capable of cloning in Solarwinds, though I haven't figured out how, and others I can't seem to find a native capability for. For instance, I think I can figure out latency and host flapping, maybe, but can't seem to find anything on socket timeout, whether an SSL connection can be made, or if a connection to a specific port is possible. There is more, I'm sure.


      This is what I'm working with:

      Orion Platform 2017.1.3 SP3

      IPAM 4.5.1

      NCM 7.6

      CloudMonitoring 1.0.0

      NPM 12.1

      DPAIM 11.0.0

      QoE 2.3

      NTA 4.2.2

      VIM 7.1.0

      SAM 6.4.0

      NetPath 1.1.0


      If anyone has advice, I'd greatly appreciate it.

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          Socket timeout should be able to be tested via the native tcp port monitor for the relevant port, there is also a built in component for https monitoring for your ssl, and the previously mentioned port monitor should also be able cover your port test as well.


          Nagios to Solarwinds transitions are not terribly difficult, you just have to understand what is being tested in each check_command and come to grips with how the two applications differ in their models.  Nagios is often (but doesnt have to be) set up where each server is set up as a unique set of checks, where solarwinds SAM assumes that you would be wanting templates where multiple servers would have similar sets of monitors/templates applied to them.