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    Change Control and emails


      Can anyone tell me if theres a better way to do this?  Its one of my biggest frustrations with WHD.  We use many Custom Fields so I can gather information from forms on the self service portal and an important one is Change Control.  Once its approved I have an action rule send it to a Change Control distro containing stakeholders.  To do this I have to build the action rule email by custom field display order #s.  Example:


      Start Date: <custom_1>

      Start Time: <custom_2>

      Completion: <custom_3>

      End Time: <Custom_4>


      If I want to add a new field under Start Time (or just change the order they are displayed on the form), I have to change the actual display order # of the custom field to 3, so now Completion becomes <custom_4> because it changes the rest down the line.   Now all my subsequent action rule emails are displaying the wrong field so I have to manually change all of them.


      I hope this makes sense.  The way this has to be done is really bad and should use Field Name instead of display order #.  Maybe I'm doing it wrong or maybe theres a better way.