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    NCM Last Back up list



      We have certain users who go to our remote customer sites and replace things such as stand alone UPS devices. They would like to check before replacing a UPS with an attached switch that the switch config has been backed up in NCM before they turn the device off. They do not desire to be able to see the configs of the devcies just to know that they have been backed up is sufficient. How can I display the last backup date for an individual device for them without giving them NCM read access ?

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          Try this one in a custom query on your node details page.  I set the logic so that it displays the critical icon if the last backup is older than a day, but depending on how frequently you save your configs you may need to adjust the line with the case on it.


          SELECT ca.NodeProperties.Nodes.Caption,

          max(downloadtime) as [Last Backup], ConfigType

          , case when daydiff(max(downloadtime), GETDATE())>1 then '/Orion/images/StatusIcons/Small-Critical.gif'

          else '/Orion/images/StatusIcons/Small-Up.gif'

          end as [_iconfor_Last Backup]

          FROM NCM.ConfigArchive ca

          where ca.NodeProperties.Nodes.NodeID=${Nodeid}

          group by ca.NodeProperties.Nodes.Caption, configtype

          order by caption, configtype


          I was a little bit disappointed to see that it still seems to work after I set my account to have no access to NCM, suggests that SWQL may bypass those account restrictions on the account settings page. Luckily for you though.

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