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    How to monitor a node on an external network


      I have my SolarWinds Server setup in my company's network and it is successfully connecting to servers in the same network and monitoring them. However, I need to monitor nodes for a server that is not in the same network, in fact, the server I need to monitor is on the network for one of our Customers. I would like to install an Agent and have it setup for Agent initiated. In order for that Agent on that server to find my NPM Server, don't I need to setup an external hostname and IP? I don't see anything about this in the Installation Guide or the Admin Guide.


      Can anyone help?

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          yes, you need

          - an external resolvable IP address (preferrably with a dns name you can remember )

          - a NAT/forwarding rule on your firewall for port 17778 to your Orion Server

          - a firewall rule at your customer's firewall that allows traffic over port 17778 to your external IP (i cheated on that by forwarding 443 on my firewall to 17778 internally to my orion server because I could not get them to open 17778)

          - always use "agent initiated" communication


          that should work (I am doing this as described for a couple servers at my customers)


          hope that helps, if you need any more info, just ask