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    Is it possible to pause a remediation script, or wait for command prompt?


      NCM 7.6

      I'm finding myself in need of pausing my remediation script after the compliance policy find a configuration that is out of compliance. We are updating our DHCP servers and need to update the ip helper-address.  I have most of the compliance rule figured out, but found after running my validation report that there were some devices that the first script didn't fully work on (e.g. added the 1st ip help-address command, but not the 2nd, and did not perform the 'copy run start' at the end).

      I went back and manually configured the handful of devices that needed to be fixed and noticed that that router took a long time to return the command prompt, so I'm thinking that NCM just blasted the script on the device and did not wait for a command prompt, and disconnected, therefore not all of the script was run before the disconnect.

      Is there a way to introduce a 'pause' or a wait for command prompt?

      Here is how I did this (addresses have been changed):


      Thanks in advance!