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    Orphaned / Corrupt Application Scanners/Templates


      Good Day,

      So I have been struggling for a couple of weeks with inheriting a SolarWinds infrastructure and cleaning up some of the configuration messes.  One thing that I can't seem to fix are orphaned and corrupted application scanners.  So what looks like happened is that some of the scanners were configured without any monitors and then applied to some nodes.  At some point after that, another template with the same name was created, or, that template was then modified to include monitors.  Those monitors never transferred out to the nodes that had an installed application scanner without any monitors.   This is much easier with screen shots.  The first set, will show you what I am referencing and the second set will show you what the configuration looks like.  Any advice would be greatly appreciated as I get this stuff cleaned up.


      Node Info showing Applications.  The dupe is the difference between an orphan check and a good check.



      Now, the info for the good IIS Service


      And now the bad:




      Application Monitor Template, sorted by name, showing only 1 IIS Service template:



      And Finally, the Assigned Application Monitors, sorted by Node Name.  It does not show a dupe.