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    Create Multiple LDAP Instances


      Hey folks,


      Quick question, so I have my WHD all set up on a server 2012r2 box within a DMZ. I have been asked to explore the possibility of adding another LDAP connection to allow another company to be able to use and utilise our SD but reference their LDAP etc.


      Has anyone ever set this up before and can they talk through kind of how they did it and any issues that they might have encountered along the way?



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          You can have more than one LDAP connection in your WHD environment if you'd like.   The biggest potential issue i could see is that you'll need to be able to connect to the AD/LDAP server of that other environment.  Typically that will use port 389 (if non-secure) or port 636 if secure (using an SSL cert).   So, it could certainly possible to do it...IF you have network access to that other LDAP server.